Digital Signage, Video Wall solutions for Churches

Digital signage is a fantastic advertising and marketing tool. Almost all industries can benefit from an effective digital signage strategy, but it can really move the needle in places of worship. Today, more than 80% of churches have a website, and almost 75% of sermons are using projectors.  In the simplest sense of the word churches and other worshiping facilities are a place for gather people. Weddings, funerals, baptisms, christenings, bar mitzvahs, study sessions, holiday celebrations and weekly worship services are all reasons people gather at churches. Churches are a place of gathering for people. By using digital screens as bulletin boards, church leaders can use gathering times as a place to promote other events being held at the church or elsewhere. Digital signage for churches can enhance the message and make it more visible and clear. The screens can improve the overall church visiting experience. More and more houses of worship across the world turn to innovative digital solutions for improvement and better serving the congregations. While digital signage is less about advertising revenue in venues such as this, it can certainly be used as a meaningful tool in way-finding, event promotion, and message display.