RACVISION A&V Matrix Switcher

AV Matrix Switcher is a device that allows the central distribution and control of multiple AV signals from one location, which process all of the audio and video signals and transfer them to the right place. The right signal routing may manage tens of different signals. The input and output signals usually mean different signal standards so the matrix switchers must perform signal format conversion and even resolution conversion also.

AV Matrix Switchers are used in radio and television, multimedia meeting rooms, education and command and control centers. These devices are also perfect for corporate, government and military markets where signal managements and high-speed distribution of high-resolution video signals are crucial.

Matrix Switchers

RACVISION AV Matrix Switchers are designed to simplify the task of routing video signals from multiple sources. Use RACVISION AV Matrix Switcher, will enable you to reduce equipment costs and space needs, and give video system designers more control and flexibility. Easy to create a clean, smooth, and crisp entertainment experience that switches between all of your various devices, including Blu-Ray players, video game consoles, and more. RACVISION AV Matrix Switches are widely used in command & control centers, showrooms, entertainment facilities, digital signage, conferences and trade shows, courtrooms, classrooms, home theaters and etc.