LCD Video Wall

LCD Video Wall is a large surface consisting of multiple LCD monitor screens installed together to form a coherent screen.  These LCD screens usually have thin bezel minimizing the gap between the active display areas. More and more projects use LCD video wall instead of a single large monitor in modern life and business, for LCD Video Walls create an incredibly powerful medium, extensive connectivity and content to facilitate interactive communication environments. Supporting extremely high quality displays for info, broadcasting, advertisement, meeting or interactive games, enabling the customers, clients, employees or partners to view content in stunning detail easily.


With full-HD resolution (1920x1080P) original screen, support upgrade to display 4K@60Hz UHD resolution. RACVISION LCD Video walls can easily to makes an immediate impact in public spaces by creating impactful and eye-catching content that draws the viewer’s attention at first sight. Ultra-narrow Bezel to bezel (0.88/1.7/1.8/3.5mm), making them looks more fluid and pleasing.

Using RACVISION LCD Video Wall, we can display large movie pictures or display a lot of information over a pretty large screen to the audience. Perfect for control room, conference room, airports, hospitals, banks, museums, churches, corporates, shopping mall, stadiums, etc.