RACVISION MAX Matrix Switcher

RACVISION MAX Matrix Switchers are ideal for any application that requires customizable, high-speed AV signal routing from multiple sources to one or more destinations. And seamless switching would be perfect for an environment where collaboration takes place on a shared video wall and real time video solutions are used daily. This effect is used in a wide range of industries, especially in show rooms and demonstration areas where long-time video contents are broadcasted and visualized. Which is rather crucial to ensure that the switch between different inputs does not cause any delay nor unstable video signals or even worse, any signal loss.

Seamless Matrix Switcher

Seamless Matrix Switcher is broadly used in show rooms, broadcasting room, conference centers and video walls where we wish to provide a visually appealing solution to our customers and audiences for a better experience. Precise product development must take care of different signal types, different resolutions and formats to unify and handle carefully.

RACVISION MAX Matrix Switcher is high-performance seamless modular designed matrix switcher, with flexible configuration and stable operation. It’s advanced modularization design, hot-swap card based, one port per card, support mixed inputs & outputs signal cards. Besides seamless switching function, also support video wall splicing function and redundant power supply. Really ideal choice for live events, command & control centers, simulation centers, large AV conference rooms for up-to-second viewing of critical information and high –resolution imagery.