RACVISION Video Wall Processor

Video Walls add excitement and a “WOW” factor to any space whether it’s in corporate office or retail location. We can display a whole image or video via PC software or daisy chain function screens. However, if we want to achieve some more efficient and robust, such as PIP (picture in picture), overlay, windowing, etc. we highly recommend using a video wall processor.
Video Wall Processor is a device used to control and operate a multi-monitor display, also called video wall. These video wall displays or monitors may be independently operated or operated as a group, resulting in complex display systems that can be used to fulfill a great diversity of display needs and presenting content in an efficient and impactful manner. Video wall setups can range from two displays to one hundred or beyond, and the size and shape simply depends on the real projects needs, no limit.

Modular Designed

Modular designed, RACVISION Video Wall Processor is a pure hardware, brings you all the features and flexibility of high-end video wall solutions along with redundant power supply. It supports single image and multi-images appear and move seamlessly across the multiple screens of a video wall. RACVISION Video Wall Processor is an appliance-based processor and built on a proprietary FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) hardware platform, modular design with Chassis with dedicated slots and the cross-point main board, input cards, output cards, cooling fans, power supply and control cards (control via IP, webGUI or RS232), etc. It can be widely used in security video surveillance, exhibition, military command, traffic center, education and science research, government announcement, commercial display and many other industries.