RACVISION 86″ Interactive Blackboard for Classroom

RACVISION Interactive Blackboard for Classroom5

RACVISION Interactive Blackboard offers a range of features and capabilities, designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, with intuitive controls and a wide range of features. They are also highly customizable, allowing users to customize the board’s settings and features to suit their needs. RACVISION interactive Blackboards are designed to be highly versatile, with a range of features and capabilities that make them suitable for a variety of settings. They are also highly affordable, with competitive prices that make them accessible to a wide range of users.

RACVISION Interactive Whiteboard 6

RACVISION Interactive Blackboard for Classroom has ultra-high-definition, touch operation application, and blackboard writing teaching functions in one; built-in Android and windows systems (built-in OPS is required), which can meet the use of different application software for teaching; pure flat writing blackboard, suitable for chalk, dust-free chalk, Oil-based chalk writing is suitable for use in different environments; the reversible and foldable design makes maintenance easier; touch switching between the writing blackboard and the screen display allows teachers to quickly switch teaching applications; the pure flat appearance solves the bulky and complex structural shortcomings of traditional push-pull blackboards. It’s helpful to improves the teacher’s teaching experience and demonstration effect.

RACVISION Interactive Whiteboard for Classroom1

Main Features:

1, Dual OS: seamless switching between Android 11.0 and Windows10 systems.

2, PCAP Touch: 20 points of PCAP Touch.

3, Preview: click any signal source on the main page of the system to preview the image function.

4, Automatic Identification: Supports automatic identification of signal sources and switching channels, and the user can add APP and dragged to any position.

5, Supports image zooming, reduction, and rotation.

6, Homepage design: shortcut menus for media courseware, browsers, electronic instructions, Blackboard teaching, teaching resources, settings, etc.

7, Child lock function: the button function can be shielded by setting.

8, Front button: three-in-one function button, can turn on the screen, OPS computer, and the energy-saving standby functions directly.

Other Functions:

1, Timer power on/off, power off memory channel function, multiple signal source selections.

2, Support wireless Wi-Fi, wired LAN, and can support installing APK to browse the web and play online videos.

3, USB multimedia file playback function (supports multiple file formats)

4, Supports 4K UI interface, the display is more delicate, 4K electronic Blackboard, the Blackboard can support original handwriting writing, large and small pen recognition.

5, Annotation function, the annotation function can be called up in each channel, very practical and fast.

6, Allow to share (scan QS cord or email) and print anything produced on the Blackboard.

RACVISION Interactive Blackboard for Classroom6

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