Digital Signage, Video Wall solutions for Transport Hubs

With the whole world seemingly on the go, transport hubs are an important part of urban development and infrastructure. Digital Signage and video walls for airports, high-speed train stations, subway, as well as other public transportation hubs, has been booming throughout the world. From airports to train stations, ferry ports to bus stops, millions of people are likely to pass through these terminals every day. Digital Signage and video wall can help a transport hub to run more efficiently for travellers and its staff too. Why Digital Signage and video wall is the most optimum signage solution for transport hubs?

Digital signage is ever-present in airports – from airport counters to boarding areas to many of the food and specialty shops that line the terminals. Airport digital signage networks are also equipped to broadcast important safety information in the event of an emergency. Train and subway stations also present a significant growth potential for digital signage.  New way-finding kiosks are making their way into these stations, making it easier for people to find the most direct (and quickest) way to get from point A to point B. And beyond these way-finding capabilities, digital signage is being used at a growing number of stations to display important information like service delays and estimated arrival times.

RACVISION digital signage screens, interactive kiosks, video walls and billboards solutions are built around commercial-grade, professionally installed hardware, used in a huge variety of locations such as railway stations, airports, subway station, bus stations, etc.