What Do You Know About Interactive Sliding Screen?

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Interactive Sliding Screen moves quickly been the latest popular choice for museums, corporate exhibition halls, government building, exhibitions, real estate sales centers, automobile 4S stores, enterprise, schools and other places.

What is Interactive Sliding Screen?

Interactive Sliding Screen, a new type of digital display method, which is a large screen system which use a single LCD/OLED screen (touch-enabled) moves smoothly from side to side automatically to present information on various points of interest of the background display board(which can be image panels or video wall screens).

With proximity sensor, the large screen system turns on and moves with the movement of the visitor when he/she approach, which can grab the viewer’s attention immediately. The audience can push the LCD/OLED screen (touch-enabled) up, down, left and right according to the track. The system will projects the image details of the background display board on the LCD/OLED screen, and interacts according to the sliding. When the user click the image on the surface of the LCD/OLED screen, a series of interactions such as zoom-in, zoom-out, and rotation will be performed according to user actions.

What’s the Working Principle of Interactive Sliding Screen?

The Interactive Sliding Screen system is composed of customized slide track, DC motors, PLC, IR sensors, background display board (image plate/video wall), mounting bracket, LCD/OLED screen (touch-enabled) , control PC, and play software, etc.

Various display pictures are embedded on the background display board similar to the coordinate axis, and a set of sliding track mechanical structure are used to hang the LCD/OLED screen. Different touch points are set at the position of the background picture, and sensors are installed on the sliding track in advance. The sensor signal will be triggered once the LCD/OLED screen moves to the corresponding sensing point, and the screen will automatically play the corresponding video content.

The Interactive Sliding Screen system is divided into perspective mode and event-triggered mode. In the first mode, the LCD/OLED screen can analyze background pictures or objects in real time once the system activated. In the event-triggered mode, the video introduction content of this part will be automatically played on the LCD/OLED screen once runs to the preset node.

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What’s the advantages of Interactive Sliding Screen?

1. Carry Large Amount of Information

The Interactive Sliding Screen carries a large amount of information. It can convey more information to be displayed, which is more intuitive than pictures and texts. And it can save more space, making the entire exhibition hall more vibrant and technological with multimedia items.

2. Help the Customer Know the Product Better

With this novel interactive method, visitors are more easily attracted, and it is convenient for them to further understand the products. The advantages of interesting, interactive, entertainment and practical effects, make the interactive experience of entertainment more prominent.

3. Lighten the Burden of Commentators

Usually the memorial museum hall is equipped with a special person to explain, which needs to spend a sum, but some of the explanations are very boring. Displaying the boring text image on Interactive Sliding Screen can achieve a very intelligent commentary effect. That can bring very good interaction, and also save the cost of the commentator.

4. Better Publicity Effect

This novel interactive way will attract more visitors to watch and get a good publicity effect. Once visitors enter the multimedia exhibition, the large-screen system will be activated immediately, which truly realizes automatic control, and can control multiple detection points at the same time, making the entire exhibition hall more vivid and random. What’s more, it truly realizes power saving, energy saving and environmental protection.

What’s the main application field of Interactive Sliding Screen?

1. Museum. It is generally used to display the content of the pictures of the background wall, so that the boring and monotonous text content can be well explained on the video, and visitors can see the content clearly at a glance.

2. Car Press Conference. Usually people only know the shape and interior when they see a car, but not very clear about the structure. The Interactive Sliding Screen can let the audience clearly and deeply understand the internal structure of the car.

3. Enterprise Exhibition Hall. The Interactive Sliding Screen can reflect the major events that have occurred over the years, so that people can clearly understand the achievements and future development of the enterprise.

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What’s the notices about on-site installation of Interactive Sliding Screen?

1. Don’t forget to decorate and covered edge when installing and fixing the sliding track.

2. Confirm the connection of the LCD/OLED screen, IR sensor and control PC is OK.

3. Leave some space in front of the LCD/OLED screen for providing the interaction with audience.

4. Make sure the height of the Interactive Sliding Screen is suitable for audience to operate easily.

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