What’s the Main Functions of RACVISION Video Wall Processor?

RACVISION Video Wall Processor

RACVISION Video Wall Processor is pure hardware board structure based, equipped with power failure protection, flexible and convenient installation, plug and play, and seamless switching of multi-format signal function, supports HDMI, DVI, VGA, CVBS/VIDEO, YPbPr, SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI, HDBaseT/Twin IP, optical fiber, H.264/H.265 input and HDMI/DVI/IP output. With a variety of control methods: front touch screen, RS232 /IP control, Android OS/ iOS APP, etc. The specifications provide 12×8, 16×20, 20X16, 36×36, 72×72, 144X144 for users to choose. The device can realize 4K ultra-high-definition acquisition, single-screen 4-screen division, multiple image display processing, screen cropping, character overlay, and scrolling subtitle. Ultra HD bottom map, scrolling subtitles, multi-user management, pre-monitoring visualization management and other functions. The device is designed for high-definition digital video splicing control system and broadcast-grade engineering machine.

RACVISION Video Wall Processor1

Main Features:

1. Using FPGA pure hardware architecture, no operating system, no system crashes, virus infestation, compatibility, and other issues. ESD military grade electrostatic protection, system performance is more stable and reliable.

2. The device’s internal hardware HD signal processing mechanism, switching time for milliseconds, signal switching without

black field.

3. Signal arbitrary windowing, superimposition, stretching, scaling, picture-in-picture, roaming, support for scene rotation switching display. Support all input character labeling, while supporting the display of ultra-high-definition static base map.

4. Support scrolling subtitles, any multi-font, multi-color, any position, and a variety of background colors, scrolling speed adjustable.

5. Support to 4K×2K and other ultra-high resolution, Support image edge shielding technology. Support front touch screen, network port, serial RS-232 communication control, support central control, IPAD control, realize grouping function.

6. Support IP decoding board (H.264/H.265) multi-brand network camera access, Signal support arbitrary windowing, superimposition, stretching, scaling, picture-in-picture, roaming.

7. Support signal pre-supervision back to the display, to achieve all the input signal can be in Windows / iOS / Android system software interface real-time preview support rights management and multi-user control technology.

RACVISION Video Wall Processor30

Main Functions:

Off-picture Tiling

Multi-way or part of the signal in any rectangular display format full or non-full screen display, a single screen can open to 4 windows in max.

Off picture Tiling


With a certain picture as the background, other window signals are displayed in open window tiling.

Picture in Picture


A channel screen as the background, other channels of the screen in the display, between the window and the window part or all overlay, the covered part is not displayed.


Zoom and Shift

Arbitrary adjustment of window size and position.

Zoom and Shift

Image Edge Shielding

By refining pixel adjustment, the edge signal is automatically expanded, and the part of the content covered by the edge of the displayed device is shielded to achieve a natural and intuitive display effect.

Image edge shielding

Edge Fine-tuning

The display pixels at the edge of the splicing display are precisely adjusted individually to achieve a completely seamless picture for left and right splicing. This technology is suitable for front projection, back projection, and DLP displays, etc.

Edge Fine tuning

Screen Cropping

The crop function is to intercept part of the display screen to the large screen, the intercepted content can be any position of the input signal.

Screen Cropping

Multi-group Screen Management

A device can achieve simultaneous control of different output resolution splicing screen; the same resolution of the splicing screen group is not limited; signal sharing between groups of screens, convenient for users to manage and reduce the use of. The number of groups of splicing screens with the same resolution is not limited.

Multi group Screen Management

Real-time Preview

With monitoring function, you can realize the monitor full screen display large screen content, but also in the software can preview the input signal.

Real time Preview

Scrolling Subtitles

Scrolling subtitles can be displayed on the video wall screen to realize the effect of displaying slogans, news release, etc. Support customizing the font, font size, font color, subtitle background color and scrolling speed of scrolling subtitles.

Scrolling Subtitles

Character Overlay

Text or picture as a signal source identification, to identify each signal source on the video wall screen, the icon can be set as text or picture, and can be customized to set the text font, size, color, background color and the scaling of the station logo.

Character Overlay

Ultra-high-Definition Bottom Picture

Can be spliced in the whole screen display a super high-definition picture as the background, so that other signal sources and cannot occupy the video wall screen still have the bottom picture display, to achieve a more beautiful display effect. Support custom import of local pictures as the splicing screen background, no need for an external background machine or additional board, simplify the system and operation.

Ultra high Definition Bottom Picture


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