Why RACVISION Video Wall Processor is ideal for Control Room?

Video wall processor is a device that splits a single image into parts to be displayed on individual screens. As we know there are two kinds of Video Wall Processors: Hardware-based controllers and Software-based PC & video-card controllers. Let us know more about RACVISION Video Wall Processor as following:

1, Hardware-based

Hardware-based Video Wall Processors are electronic devices built for specific purpose. They usually are built on array of video processing chipsets and do not have an operating system. The advantage of using a hardware video wall controller is high performance and reliability. RACVISION Video Wall Processor is typical hardware chip based device, perfect for broadcasting, command center, control room and other areas which are important as well as centralized control.

2, 24/7 Operation

Command centers are called for to run all day and all night. Downtime, system crashes or power failures can all have an unfavorable influence on performance and effectiveness.

Hardware based Video Wall Processor are built on an equipment platform, FPGA CPU could provide quick as well as trustworthy performance. Consequently it could prevent the system collisions, viruses, or computer hacks. With redundant power supply, could make command center accomplish the procedure 24/7.

3, Modular Designed

RACVISION Video Wall Processor has a built on an array of video processing chipsets and do not have an operating system. The advantage of using a hardware-based video wall controller is high performance and reliability. With modular Video Wall Processor type, the hardware-based video wall controllers include Chassis with dedicated slots and the cross-point motherboard, input cards (or capture cards), output cards, cooling fans, PSUs (Power Supply Unit) and control cards (to provide control IP, wireless or RS232, etc.). With such a highly configurable chassis, this controller consists of a multiple I/O interface: VGA, DVI, HDMI, CVBS, DP, SDI, HDbaseT, IP-Video input sources and also DVI, HDMI, HDbaseT outputs in HD (High Definition) or 4K UHD (Ultra-High Definition) resolutions.

4, Readily available Information

RACVISION Video Wall Processor based on FPGA, offers fast, dependable as well as secure efficiency. Video Walls in command center are commonly required to show numerous images and also sources.

The Video Wall Processor software program supports the message scrolling feature to present relevant messages or announcements as it appears. And also it supports OSD (On Screen Display), permits differentiate as well as regulate the video wall display unit with a computer mouse as well as keyboard attached. For that reason, customers can regulate directly as well as right away on the video clip wall surface displays to swiftly access the display or source.

5, Individual Management

Command center need to be a protected environment, the information readily available as well as the individuals with authority to manage the video display screen should also be controlled. RACVISION Video Wall Processor sustains the development of several users, various customers can be provided various operation authorizations and also control setups.

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